What is Orange Velo all about?

Orange Velo Simply put, we love riding bikes and we love to travel. We think the bike is one of the greatest inventions and one of the best ways to really see and experience the places you travel to.

How it all got started

We have been designing and organizing some of the most memorable cycling vacations with our closest friends all over Europe, and after a few years we realized how much we loved doing it. This is how Orange Velo was born, and pretty much what it stands for. We still like to think that we are designing these trips for our friends, and we are sure that after traveling with us, you too will become one of our closest friends.

Where it's happening

We put together trips all over Europe every year. Some of our favorite locations include the Bodensee (Lake Constance) which crosses over Switzerland, Austria and Germany; the Alps, and Mallorca, where we are currently based in Spain.

Who's behind all this

Franklin Tello Cycling in Mallorca

Franklin Tello is the director of operations here at Orange Velo. He handpicks every element of each trip, and makes himself personally responsible for everyone enjoying their travel adventure. He tests every trip first, fine tuning all the details with the hotels, the wineries, the bike rentals, and all the other services that make each trip an unforgettable experience. Besides designing and being present on every trip, Franklin also records with his camera the moments from the trip, be it when you are nearing the top of a historic climb, or while you are tasting a wine in the afternoons. As an experienced cycling photographer, he has worked for numerous cycling media, including Pedalier, Bicycling, Ciclismo a Fondo, CyclingNews.com, PezCyclingNews.com, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Interbike, Scott USA, and many more.

Franklin has been passionate about bikes all his life, and back home in Canada, he used to compete in multiple cycling events, including 24 hour mountain bike races, cross country, road cycling, triathlon and multi sport adventure events. He still enjoys riding his bike competitively these days, but more often than not, as an excuse for traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures.

Now what?

Now it's your turn to tell us about you! If you like to ride bikes, then we are already best of friends, and we would love to hear from you. So why don't you send us a quick message and tell us a little more about you, what kind of cycling you like to do, where have you been and where you would like to cycle. Also give us your feedback on what we are doing here, we seriously appreciate it.